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A wealth of information was shared at the ICPH 2012 conference. Below you may download copies of electronic presentations that were included in the panel sessions at the conference. Please note: in some instances panelists did not use electronic presentations so there may be panelists and/or full panels that are not represented on this list. We hope that this alleviates any confusion. Send an e-mail to info@ICPHusa.org with any questions or to find out how to reach any panelists for further details.


Preventing Homelessness: A Look at the First Court-based Homeless Prevention Program

Housing Court-based Homeless Prevention
Presentation by Honorable Jaya Madhavan, Supervising Judge, Bronx Housing Court, Bronx, NY, and Ellen Howard-Cooper, Deputy Commissioner of Prevention, Policy, and Planning, New York City Department of Homeless Services, New York, NY

Practical Skills for Real Employment Opportunities

First Step Staffing
Presented by Barbara Peters, President, First Step Staffing, Decatur, GA

Trusted Mentors
Presented by Jeri Warner, Executive Director, Trusted Mentors, Indianapolis, IN

Services for Families: Before, During, and After Homelessness

The Family Resource Center: An Evidence-Based Family Homelessness Prevention Program
Presented by Carla Brown-Ndiaye, Director of the Family Resource Center, and Scott Cotenoff, Senior Vice President of Programs and New Initiatives, The Partnership for the Homeless, New York, NY

Utilizing the Shelter as an Educational Resource for Parents and their Children

Fellowship Housing: From Homelessness to Hope, one Family at a Time
Presented by Brooke Bartlow, Executive Director, and Lisa Bohn, Program Director, Fellowship Housing, Hoffman Estates, IL

Rainbow Days: Hope for a Promising Future
Presented by Cathey Brown, CEO and Founder, Rainbow Days, Inc., Dallas, TX

Early Childhood Education: Impacts and Strategies for Access

Early Childhood Education for Children Experiencing Homelessness
Presented by Diana Bowman, Director, National Center for Homeless Education at the SERVE Center, Greensboro, NC, and Patricia Popp, Virginia State Coordinator, McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Program, Williamsburg, VA

Horizons for Homeless Children
Presented by Sarah Fujiwara, Chief Playspace Programs Officer, and Kelley Gossett, Director of Policy and Advocacy, Horizons for Homeless Children, Roxbury, MA

Higher Learning: Educational Access for Homeless Unaccompanied Youth and Youth in Foster Care

Housing as the Key Support “Service” for Transitional Age Youth Educational Success
Presented by Danielle Wildkress, Staff Lawyer, HomeBase, San Francisco, CA

Building Bridges and Coming Together to Address the Needs of Unaccompanied Youth
Presented by Laura Pena-Chiarello, Homeless Student District Liaison, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Miami, FL

Supporting Unaccompanied Homeless Youth in Accessing Higher Education
Presented by Christina Dukes, Program Specialist, and Jan Moore, Program Specialist, National Center for Homeless Education at the SERVE Center, Greensboro, NC

Higher Learning: Educational Access for Homeless Unaccompanied Youth
Presented by Eric Howard, Executive Director, Outreach, Inc., Indianapolis, IN

Effect of Foreclosures on Educational Outcomes

Does Losing Your Home Mean Losing Your School? Effects of Foreclosures on the School Mobility of Children
Presented by Amy Ellen Schwartz, Director, Institute for Education and Social Policy, and Ingrid Gould Ellen, Co-Director, Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy, New York University, New York, NY

Making a Difference: What Effective Teachers Do to Support At-risk/Highly Mobile Students

Making a Difference!
Presented by Patricia Popp, Virginia State Coordinator, McKinney Vento Homeless Education Program, Williambsurg, VA, and Leslie Grant, Visiting Professor, The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA

Beyond Barriers: Housing Models for Families and Youth with Substance Abuse Issues

Beyond Barriers: A Housing Model for Families with Substance Abuse Issues
Presented by Kathryn Icenhower, Executive Director, and Sara Tienda, Assistant Director, SHIELDS for Families, Los Angeles, CA

Housing First: Where it Works

Save the Family
Presented by Laura Skotnicki, Director of Administration, Save the Family Foundation, Mesa, AZ

UMOM New Day Centers
Presented by Chela Sullivan, Housing Director, UMOM New Day Centers, Phoenix, AZ

Bringing Health Care Home

People’s City Mission
Presented by Tom Barber, Executive Director, People’s City Mission, Lincoln, NE

The New York Children’s Health Project
Presented by Sharon Joseph, Medical Director, The New York Children’s Health Project, New York, NY

Feeding Families: Hunger Prevention and Nutrition

Operation CHOICES: Promoting Healthy Food and Fitness for Families in Emergency Housing
Presented by Melissa Berrios, Social Work Trainer, Homeless Health Initiative, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

The Dollars and Sense of Federal Funding

The Federal Budget and Homeless Children’s Education
Presented by Barbara Duffield, Policy Director, National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth, Washington, DC

National Survey of Programs and Services for Homeless Families
Presented by Matt Adams, Principal Policy Analyst, Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness, New York, NY

Federal Budget Outlook and Low-Income Housing
Presented by Douglas Rice, Senior Policy Analyst, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Washington, DC

The Power of Data in Public Policy

Off the Charts: Moving Data from Analysis into Action
Presented by Cathy Kuhn, Director of Research and Training, Families in Transition, Manchester, NH, and Bernie Bluhm, Program Planning and Review Specialist, State of New Hampshire Bureau of Homeless and Housing Services, Concord, NH

Data and the Educational Rights of Students in Temporary Housing
Presented by Michelle Frank, Assistant Director, NYS-TEACHS, New York, NY

The Changing Face of Today’s Homeless Veterans

Accessing Services for Homeless Veterans
Presented by Julie Irwin, Network Homeless Care Line Manager, United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Bronx, NY

Eligible but Not Accessible: Barriers to Accessing Public Benefits

Case Closed: An Examination of Exclusion in New York City’s Public Assistance Programs
Presented by Lori McNeil, Director of Research and Policy, Urban Justice Center, New York, NY

Acquiring and Retaining Child Care Assistance
Presented by Helen Blank, Director of Leadership and Public Policy, National Women’s Law Center, Washington, DC